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The West Houston Paranormal Society (WHPS) was founded by a husband and wife team in October 2011,  with the purpose of bringing like-minded individuals from different backgrounds together. As the original group formed and developed, the common denominator was the strong interest in the paranormal and a desire to study and research the unexplained phenomena. WHPS continues to provide the team a place to share their experiences and join in this common goal; to find evidence of the existence of the unknown. We are a group of dedicated individuals who bring their own insight and approach to the paranormal field. As a team we are interested in helping those in need, and at the same time gaining knowledge and understanding of this phenomenon.

WHPS thanks you for the opportunity to allow us to investigate your property. We do this with great respect to both the living and the dead.


Local: 832-209-2281 

Toll Free: 1-855-WHPS-411 



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